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Jonathan Cluett, M.D.

How Dangerous Are Motorcycles?

By July 9, 2012

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Most people will agree, without any scientific studies, that there is a danger to riding a motorcycle.  But there is great disagreement about how dangerous it might be, and many people justify riding a motorcycle by stating they do it in a safe way.  However, a recent study has investigated just how dangerous riding a motorcycle is, and the results are frightening.

The study, reviewed in the recent issue of AAOSNow, found that per mile travelled, motorcyclists were 37 times more likely to die in an accident than a vehicle passenger.  The study was particularly concerning for motorcyclists who don't wear helmets.  These riders had higher rates of head trauma, more severe head trauma, and higher mortality rates.

Motorcyclists should understand that risks associated with riding are not just higher, but many times higher than riding in a vehicle.  If you do ride, wearing a helmet is the best you can do to help protect yourself.

Sources: Porucznik MA "Per Miles Traveled, Motorcycles Are Deadlier than Cars" AAOSNow July 2012, Page 8.

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