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Surgery TimeLine
An example schedule for a knee replacement surgery
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The following is a sample schedule for a knee replacement surgery. The specific times given are one possibility, and may vary substantially at different hospitals. This is intended to give the reader an idea of about how long they will be in different areas, and who they will see there. While this example is given for a knee replacement surgery, it can be used as a general guide for any procedure.

6:30 AM Arrive at Hospital
Check in to inpatient surgery
Change into gown
Who you will see: Secretary, Nurse

7:00 AM Meet with anesthesiologist
Discuss anesthesia, have questions answered
Inform anesthesiologist of medications you have taken and food eaten
Who you will see: Anesthesiologist

7:30 AM Meet with surgeon
Discuss procedure, have questions answered
Complete consent form
Who you will see: Surgeon, Assistants

8:00 AM Go to operating room
Begin anesthesia
Who you will see: Surgeon, Assistants, Anesthesiologist, OR Nurses

8:30 AM - 11:30 AM Procedure
After the case, the surgeon will update the procedure to anyone you designate

12:00 PM Wake up in operating room or recovery room
Family members are usually not allowed here, they will see you in your room.
Who you will see: Recovery Room Nurse

1:00 PM Move from recovery room to hospital room
Who you will see: Floor Nurse, Family and Friends

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