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Funny Bone


Updated March 22, 2011


Ever hit your funny bone?

A tap to the right spot behind the elbow, the so-called funny bone, can cause pain and tingling sensations to shoot down your forearm.

Actually, when you hit your "funny bone," you're not hitting a bone at all. You are hitting the ulnar nerve as it passes around the back of the elbow. Because the ulnar nerve sits just on top of the hard elbow, and because most people don't have a lot of fatty cushion in that spot, the nerve is prone to being "dinged."

When you hit your funny bone, or to be more correct, the ulnar nerve, you experience pain where the ulnar nerve works: down the forearm and into the ring and pinky fingers.

So the funny part of the "funny bone" is that it's not a bone at all...

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