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Guyon's Canal Syndrome


Updated August 01, 2003

Definition: Guyon's canal syndrome is due to compression of the ulnar nerve within the palm of the hand. The Guyon's canal is a tunnel-like structure whose floor is made of two small wrist bones, and roof is made of a thick, fibrous ligament. Within the tunnel are the ulnar artery and nerve. When there is compression within Guyon's canal, the nerve can be affected, and Guyon's canal syndrome results.

There are many causes of Guyon's canal syndrome, including trauma, fractures, and small, benign tumors of the nerve or surrounding tissues of the tunnel. Another common cause of this syndrome is from pressure of bicycle handlebars seen with avid cyclists. This is why Guyon's canal syndrome is also called 'handlebar palsy.'

Also Known As: Handlebar Palsy
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