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Are You Ready For Hip Replacement Surgery?

Signs you need, or don't need, a hip replacement


Updated June 02, 2014

A total hip replacement is a big surgery, and therefore deciding to have the surgery done is a big decision. Here are some signs to look for to help you decide if the time is right, or not right, for hip replacement surgery.

Signs You're Ready For Hip Replacement

  • You have hip/groin pain that keeps you awake, or awakens you, at night.

  • You have hip pain that limits activities necessary to go about your daily activities (getting up from a chair, climbing stairs, etc.).

  • You have hip pain that limits activities that give you pleasure (walking for exercise, traveling, shopping, etc.).

  • You have tried other treatments for a reasonable period of time, and you still have persistent hip pain.
There are many other factors you and your doctor must consider prior to surgery, including age, overall health, and bone density, but the list above will give you an idea when you should begin to consider hip replacement surgery.

Signs You Are Not Ready For Hip Replacement

  • Your hip pain does not limit normal activities.

  • Your symptoms are improving with more conservative treatments (medications, activity modification, etc...).

  • You have not tried more conservative treatments.

  • You are only limited from performing activities such as running or skiing.
Patients who fit these criteria usually need more effort at treating their hip pain with more conservative measures. Discuss these options with your doctor.
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