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Other Sports Injuries
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Information about other sports injuries including athlete's foot and chostochondritis.

Athlete's Foot
Athlete's foot is a common, contagious fungus infection of the skin on the feet.

Athlete's Foot Treatment
The fungus that causes this itchy rash thrives in the warm, wet environment between your toes.

Miner's elbow, weaver's bottom or housemaid's knee. They sound old-fashioned and odd, but they are forms of a common problem: bursitis.

Costochondritis is a syndrome of chest wall pain that is due to inflammation of the cartilage and bones in the chest wall.

Jock Itch
Jock itch is the common name for a fungal infection of the groin known technically as tinea cruris.

Foot pronation-inward tilting of the ankles and flattening of the arches-is a normal part of walking and running. But when it is excessive, it can lead to foot, ankle, or even knee pain.

Tendinitis is a common injury that can sideline professional athletes and weekend warriors. Learn about treatment of this condition.

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