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Common Types of Sprains and Strains

Learn About Specific Types of Injuries


Updated May 16, 2014

Ankle ligaments - sprained ankle

Ankle Sprain - Torn ligaments of the ankle

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What are some common sprains and strains?
  • Finger Sprain
    Caused by a violent overstretching of one or more ligaments that hold the finger joints together.


  • Wrist Sprain
    Violent over-stretching of one or more ligaments in the wrist joint can cause this common injury.


  • Knee Sprain
    Knee sprain is the violent stretching of one or more ligaments in the knee. Sprains involving two or more ligaments cause considerably more disability than single-ligament sprains.


  • Ankle Sprain
    A great site for anyone who wants to understand more about ankle sprains including the best treatments available.


  • Back Strain
    This is thought to be the most common cause of back pain. This is a wonderful guide to back pain, and it includes some good information on back muscle strain. It also contains a wealth of other information on back pain issues.


  • Neck Strain
    Injury to the muscles or tendons that attach to the vertebral column in the neck, to the skull and to the shoulder.


  • Groin Strain
    Because the groin is the center of a lot of body movement, it is subject to potential strain.


  • Hamstring (Thigh) Strain
    Strains or tears in the hamstrings often result from an overload of the muscles or trying to move the muscles too fast or from taking an impact in the back of the leg.


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