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Morton's Neuroma


Updated June 19, 2014

Definition: A Morton's neuroma is a benign growth of the nerve sheath of a nerve that courses between the toes. This condition is an abnormal growth, but it is not a cancer that can become a dangerous condition. Rather, the Morton's neuroma can become a painful nuisance. Occasionally, people may also experience symptoms of shooting pains or tingling extending into the toes adjacent to the neuroma. Pain is usually most significant with more strenuous activity and when wearing constricting shoes.

Treatment of Morton's Neuroma

Treatment of a Morton's neuroma usually begins with simple steps in an effort to decrease pain in the area of the growth. Most patients find removing their shoes and massaging the feet is an effective means to reduce the pain they experience. Wearing appropriate footwear (with a wide toebox) and use of so-called metatarsal pad are also effective. A cortisone injection at the site of the neuroma can also be helpful for many people.

If footwear adaptation does not help the situation, then surgery may be needed. Surgery is done to remove the abnormal nerve. When the entire growth is removed, the pain is usually resolved. Patients will also notice a small area of numbness in the toe. Sensation in the numb area was provided by the affected nerve and when the Morton's neuroma is removed an area of numbness will result.


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Also Known As: Interdigital Neruoma, Morton's Toe
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