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Heel Pain - Information and Causes - About Orthopedics
Heel pain is an extremely common complaint, and there are several common causes. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your ...
Posterior Heel Pain Symptoms and Treatment - About Orthopedics
Posterior heel pain can come from one of several causes. When a physician is talking about posterior heel pain, he or she is referring to pain behind the heel, ...
Plantar Fasciitis - Cause of Heel Pain - About Orthopedics
Plantar fasciitis is a condition that causes heel and arch pain. It is due to irritation and inflammation of the tight tissue that forms the arch of the foot.
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome - Heel Pain - About Orthopedics
May 16, 2014 ... Information about tarsal tunnel syndrome, an unusual cause of heel, ankle, and foot pain. Tarsal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of ...
Achilles Tendonitis - Symptoms & Treatment of Heel Pain
Sep 12, 2014 ... Achilles tendonitis is a common problem that causes heel pain. Treatment of Achilles tendonitis is focused on non-surgical options for most ...
Heel Pain Causes and Treatments - Podiatry - About.com
May 20, 2014 ... Heel pain is a very common musculoskeletal symptom that can affect anyone at nearly any age. There are a number of conditions that can ...
Plantar Fasciitis - Foot Health - Podiatry - About.com
Heel pain is a very common problem that leads to many trips to the podiatrist's office. A significant number of people will experience heel pain during their ...
Four Shoe Inserts to Help Control Foot Pain - About Orthopedics
Jun 10, 2014 ... Gel heel cups are great at alleviating symptoms of plantar fasciitis and heel pain. Different patients prefer different products in the treatment of ...
Heel Spur - Diagnosis and Treatment - About Orthopedics
6 days ago ... A heel spur is a hook of bone that forms on the bone at the back of the foot. Heel spurs cause pain on the bottom of the foot.
Causes of Heel Pain in Children & Teens - Podiatry - About.com
Apr 16, 2014 ... When a child complains of heel pain, it is often thought to be "growing pains," a normal phenomenon during childhood and adolescent growth ...
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