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Injuries and Conditions Causing Hip Pain - Orthopedics - About.com
Aug 28, 2014 ... Hip pain is a common complaint that has many causes. Once the cause of your hip pain can be determined, appropriate treatment can begin.
Hip Injury - Causes of Hip Pain - Orthopedics - About.com
Pain over the outside of the hip joint is often caused by hip bursitis. This condition causes pain and inflammation of the trochanteric bursa, and can almost ...
Hip Pain in Athletes - Athletic Hip Injury - Orthopedics - About.com
Hip pain is a relatively uncommon problem in athletes, but it can be a significant problem when an athlete sustains a hip injury. Treatment of hip problems is ...
Hip Pain - Common Causes of Hip Pain
Hip pain is a common symptom experienced by many people. This condition can range from mild discomfort to severe pain that limits activities of daily living.
Common Causes of Hip Pain in Athletes
Here are some of the most common causes of hip pain or injury in athletes. Learn how to prevent and treat hip pain during sports.
Hip Pain Symptoms - Groin Pain - Orthopedics - About.com
Groin pain is often a sign of a problem inside the hip joint. Common conditions that cause groin pain include muscle strains, arthritis, and labral tears.
Determining the Cause of Hip & Knee Pain - Orthopedics - About.com
Finding the cause of hip and knee pain can be a difficult task. Your doctor will use information about your symptoms, your examination, imaging studies and ...
Physical Therapy for Hip Pain - About.com
Learn about the common causes of hip pain and how physical therapy can help.
Pediatric Hip Pain Symptoms - Pediatrics - About.com
Hip pain is surprisingly common in kids and although often caused by simple sprains and strains, usually warrants a trip to your pediatrician to make sure that ...
Hip Pain - What You Should Know - Arthritis and Joint Conditions
There are several possible causes of hip pain. Injury and arthritis are two of the common causes. Learn more about hip pain.
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