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Thumb Arthritis - Orthopedics - About.com
Sep 12, 2014 ... Thumb arthritis is one of the most common places in the body at people can be affected with wear and tear of the joint. The treatment of thumb ...
Finger Arthritis Treatment - Orthopedics - About.com
Sep 11, 2014 ... Joints are places in your body where two bones come together. Arthritis is a problem that causes damage to the normal joint surfaces. These ...
Thumb Splints for Thumb Arthritis Pain - Orthopedics - About.com
Jun 16, 2014 ... What type of splint is best to treat thumb arthritis? Learn about treatment options for thumb arthritis.
Thumb Osteoarthritis - Cause, Symptoms, Treatment
Osteoarthritis can affect joints in any part of the body, including the thumb. Early diagnosis and treatment help people with thumb osteoarthritis manage their ...
Thumb Pain - Thumb Arthritis - Arthritis & Joint Conditions - About.com
... is complex. Arthritis at the base of the thumb is common, severely affecting hand function and grasp. ... Do you know about the various pain treatment options?
Hand Arthritis - An Overview - Arthritis & Joint Conditions - About.com
Sep 29, 2014 ... The phalanges are bones that align to form each finger and thumb (i.e., ... The goal of treatment for hand arthritis is to relieve pain and improve ...
Thumb Osteoarthritis - Causes - Diagnosis - Symptoms - Treatment ...
Osteoarthritis (OA) in the thumbs can cause pain, stiffness, and other symptoms. Learn about thumb osteoarthritis causes, diagnosis, symptoms, pain relief, and ...
Finger Pain - Finger Arthritis - Arthritis & Joint Conditions - About.com
Finger pain can be caused by injury, blood flow problems, nerve problems, ... The use of finger implant surgery to treat arthritis has been an option for over 30 ...
Hand Pain - Hand Arthritis - Arthritis & Joint Conditions - About.com
Learn more about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of hand arthritis. Share ... tenosynovitis affects an area on the side of the wrist near the base of the thumb.
Causes of Finger Injuries and Pain - Orthopedics - About.com
Sep 12, 2014 ... Learn about your finger injury and what treatments might be available ... Thumb arthritis is more common in women than men, and increases in ...
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