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How to Heal Bones as Quickly As Possible

Healing of a broken bone can be a slow process. Are there ways to speed up fracture healing? Here are some ideas for ways to get a broken bone to heal as quickly as possible.

Heal a Broken Bone Quickly
Patients who sustain a broken bone, or a fracture, want to heal their injury as quickly as possible. How can you change how fast you heal a broken bone? Does calcium help? What about other supplements?

Does surgery make a broken bone heal faster?
Does surgery make broken bones heal faster. No. This is simply not true. In fact, broken bones, or fractures, will heal fastest without surgery.

Magnets for Faster Bone Healing
Magnets are often worn by patients to alleviate many types of aches, pains, and ailments. Some people advocate wearing magnets to help broken bones heal faster.

Ultrasound for Faster Bone Healing
Ultrasound is sometimes used by patients to help broken bones heal faster. Ultrasound is used in many medical applications, including fracture treatment. Ultrasound is probably most useful in patients who have medical conditions that lead to slow healing of broken bones.

Electrical Stimulation for Faster Bone Healing
Electrical stimulation is sometimes used by patients to help broken bones heal faster. Patients seeking more rapid fracture healing, or patients with broken bones that are not healing well may use electrical stimulation to help encourage healing bone.

A debridement is a surgical procedure to removed dead, infected, or contaminated tissue from a wound to promote prompt healing.

Treatment of Broken Bones
Learn about the treatments used for management of broken bones. Treatment options for fractures may include surgery.

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