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Information About Anatomy

A guide to understanding human anatomy, the framework of the musculoskeletal system, the human body, and the foundation of orthopedics. Learn about anatomy, muscles, and the human skeleton.

A ligament is a structure that connects two bones. Ligaments are found at joints, the junction of two bones. Ligaments are designed to allow the joint to move, but limit the motion such that the joint does not dislocate.

Shoulder Anatomy
The shoulder joint is the connection between the chest and the upper extremity. Three bones come together at the shoulder joint, and the shoulder is surrounded by several ligaments and a joint capsule. The shoulder joint surface is covered by a layer of smooth cartilage.

The thigh is the part of the body between the hip and the knee. The thigh bone is the femur, and the major muscles of the thigh are the quadriceps and the hamstrings.

The leg is the part of the body between the knee and the ankle. The bones of the leg are the tibia and fibula, and the major muscles of the leg are the calf muscles.

Lower Extremity
The lower extremity refers to the part of the body from the hip to the toes. The lower extremity includes the hip, knee, and ankle joints, and the bones of the thigh, leg, and foot.

Knee Anatomy
The knee joint is the connection between the thigh and the leg. Three bones come together at the knee joint, and the knee is surrounded by four major ligaments. The knee joint surface is covered by a layer of smooth cartilage, and shock-absorbing meniscus wedges sit between the bone ends at the knee joint.

Basic Anatomy Models
A good introduction to the anatomy of the major joints in the body; these include: the hand and wrist, the elbow, the shoulder, the spine, the hip, the knee, and the ankle.

Visible Human Project
The National Library of Medicine provides a set of digitized anatomical images of the human body for use in anatomy education and research.

Innerbody Anatomy
Innerbody anatomy is an interactive way to learn about human anatomy, including the musculoskeletal system, on the Internet.

Skeletal Muscles
The muscles of the human body are key to understanding anatomy. Here you will find information about muscles of the human body to aid in anatomical understanding.

Anatomy History
A brief history of human anatomy, introducing some of the major scientists and physicians and their role in anatomical studies.

Anatomy Education
This is an excellent human anatomy educational resource. Online anatomy tutorials are found that can be helpful in teaching or learning human anatomy.

Online Muscle Atlas
The University of Washington human anatomy muscle atlas contains data on specific muscle groups of the body targeted for medical students.

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