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Information About Arthritis Research

Arthritis research is being aimed to develop new treatments that are as effective, but less demanding on the patients. Arthritis research experiments are focused on developing methods to maintain and regenerate cartilage for treatment.

Joint Pain and Obesity
Obesity and arthritis often go hand in hand. We know that obesity is strongly associated with joint problems. But the good news is that many patients can find relief of joint pain from arthritis with even moderate reductions in their body weight.

New Arthritis Treatments
A discussion of the pros and cons of the new developments in treatment of osteoarthritis, including glucosamine, synvisc, cartilage replacement and cartilage transplantation.

Cartilage Regeneration
When cartilage begins to wear thin, as it does in osteoarthritis, the bones are left exposed and raw. This procedure uses cartilage cells grown in a lab to stimulate new cartilage growth in unhealthy knees.

New Arthritis Research
Recently, some very exciting and promising therapies have been developed that appear to be able to target arthritis pain and inflammation without producing significant side-effects.

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