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Broken bones, also called fractures, are among the most common orthopedic injuries. Fracture treatment is often with a cast, but sometimes treatment of broken bones requires surgery. Read on for more fracture information...
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  4. Foot & Ankle Fractures (9)
  5. Hand & Wrist Fractures (10)
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Fracture Menu
Find information about fracture types listed by body part. Look up your broken bone for more information about the fracture and treatment.

An osteotomy is a surgical procedure to cut a bone. The cut bone from the osteotomy can be removed or realigned as part of the surgical procedure.

Why Do Bones Break?
There are three basic reasons why you can break a bone. Mostly all fractures can be traced back to one of these causes. It is important to distinguish why a fracture occurred in order to appropriately treat the injury.

Fracture Menu - Broken Bones
Find information about fracture types listed by body part. Look up your broken bone for more information about the fracture and treatment.

What is a Fracture?
A general guide to understanding fractures, what they are, who gets them, and what treatments are necessary. If you have a broken bone this guide will help you understand the basics of this injury.

Stress Fractures
A stress fracture is a common overuse injury most often seen in athletes who run and jump on hard surfaces, such as distance runners, basketball players, and ballet dancers.

Compression Fracture of the Spine
A compression fracture is a common problem in patients with osteoporosis, a condition that causes bone thinning. Often this follows no identifiable injury, and can cause significant pain and disability.

Avulsion Fracture
An avulsion fracture is an injury to the bone in the area where a tendon or ligament attaches to the skeleton. The tendon or ligament is injured in such a manner that it pulls off a piece of bone called an avulsion fracture. Fortunately, most avulsion fractures can be treated without surgery.

Rib Fractures
Broken ribs are often noticed due to pain, especially when taking a breath. Other symptoms are tenderness and shallow breathing.

Open Fracture Classification
Open fractures are classified according to severity of the injury. Learn about the classification of open fractures.

Understanding X-Rays of Broken Bones
Learn how to interpret findings of a broken bone seen on an x-ray. Doctors often use words to describe fractures that patients may not understand.

Rib Stress Fracture
Rib stress fractures are injuries that occur most often in athletes. Allowing the bone to heal with rest is often the only treatment.

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