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Examples of Fracture Care

Examples of patients with different types of fractures and their treatment. Learn how certain types of fractures can be treated.

Pathologic Fracture of the Hip
A patient with metastatic breast cancer has weakened bone in the hip. Because of the breast cancer lesion, she sustained a pathologic fracture and required operative treatment.

Tibial Plateau Fracture
A case of a tibial plateau fracture and treatment of this injury.

Scaphoid Fracture Treatment
Scaphoid fractures may not be seen on the inital x-ray evaluation. Here is a case of a patient with a scaphoid fracture, but normal x-rays. The scaphoid fracture was seen by MRI, and the patient had surgery.

Tibial Plafond Fracture
A case of a tibial plafond fracture. Treatment of this tibial pilon fracture was with surgery to place a plate and screws on the bone to hold the broken fragments in position.

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