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Information About Treatment of Broken Bones

Learn about broken bone treatment options. Frature treatment is often with a cast, but sometimes surgery is needed. The treatment of a broken bones depends on the type of fracture and position of the bones.
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Ideas For Cast Fun - How to Decorate Your Cast
Having a cast doesn't have to be all bad. There are ways to improve the appearance of your cast and hopefully have a little fun at the same time. Many people find creative ways to decorate their cast and have a little fun with their broken bone.

Taking Care of Your Cast
Having a cast can be an annoying experience. Especially because you have to figure out lots of ways to live your hectic life with this new cast in your way. Fortunately, we're here to help you learn from experience how to live your life with a cast.

What is used to make a cast for the treatment of a broken bone?
Casts are used for the treatment of a broken bone. Also called a fracture, a broken bone often requires immobilization to allow for healing and minimize discomfort. Casts are usually made from either fiberglass or plaster. Each type of casts has different advantages.

Ideas For Decorating Your Cast
Having a cast is usually not much fun. So why not make the best of it and brighten your day, as well as those around you. Here are some favorite ways to brighten your cast.

What can I do about a smelly cast?
Casts are used from the treatment of broken bones and other orthopedic conditions. Having a smelly cast is a common complaint--the odor under a cast can become quite awful. What can you do to prevent a stinky cast, and how can you help improve the odor from a smelly cast?

How to Keep Your Cast Dry
If you have a broken bone, it is quite likely that you have a cast -- and that you face the big challenge of trying to bathe or shower while keeping your cast dry. Here, some ideas for keeping your cast dry so you can and still keep yourself clean. One tip not to try? Don't try to shower by holding the cast out of the way. Water will...

Bone Healing and Smoking
Smoking cigarettes has long been known to have detrimental effects on the body. Research has also shown that smoking cigarettes has significant effects on the bones that make up your skeleton.

Which hand should I hold a cane in?
A cane can be used for support in many different medical conditions. Patients often use a cane for help with knee and hip pain, balance problems, or other injuries.

How To Use Crutches
Crutches are a commonly used treatment for many conditions that can affect the leg. Crutches are often used for sprains, fractures, and post-surgery treatments. Here are a few tips to use your crutches properly.

Reset a Fracture
Whenever a patient sustains a broken bone, also called a fracture, the doctor will consider performing a procedure to better align the broken bones. If this needs to be done, it is called 'reducing' the fracture.

A nonunion is a problem that prevents the normal healing of a broken bone. A patient with a fracture that does not heal after the usual period of time is at risk of developing a nonunion. Causes of a non-union of a fracture include infection, open fractures, blood flow problems, as well as other causes.

Cast Care
Broken bones are a common problem managed by orthopedic surgeons. Caring properly for a cast is an important part of the healing process.

How to Know If Something Is Wrong
Casts are an excellent treatment for broken bones. However, problems can arise and you should know how to assess the integrity your cast.

Waterproof Casts
Waterproof casts are now a treatment possibility for broken bones. Many types of fractures can be treated with a cast, but until recently patients were required to keep the cast dry. With new liners, waterproof casts are now possible.

Traction is a method of fracture treatment. Traction is used less commonly in modern orthopedics, but it still has a use in the treatment of some types of broken bones.

Should I have implanted metal removed after my fracture has healed?
Metal implants are used to hold broken bones in proper position. In some cases metal implants, plates, screws, and rods may be removed. Removal of most implants is not absolutely necessary, but may help alleviate pain caused from the metal.

Treatment of an Open Fracture
Treatment of an open fracture, a broken bone that is exposed through the skin, is different from standard fracture treatment. Also called a compound fracture, there are some special considerations when treating an open fracture.

Cast Saw - How to Remove a Cast
Cast saws are used to remove a plaster or fiberglass cast. Preventing complications is possible by proper use of the cast saw.

Fracture Blisters
Fracture blisters are a sign of soft-tissue trauma after a broken bone. These skin blisters often occur after ankle and tibia fractures.

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