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How to Keep Your Cast Dry

Keep water out of your cast when showering or bathing


Updated June 05, 2014

If you have a broken bone, it is quite likely that you have a cast -- and that you face the big challenge of trying to bathe or shower while keeping your cast dry. Here, some ideas for keeping your cast dry so you can and still keep yourself clean.

One tip not to try? Don't try to shower by holding the cast out of the way. Water will inevitably drip down your arm or leg, soaking the cast's padding. Even if you plan on holding your cast out of the path of the water, find something to cover it.

1. Plastic Bag

A newspaper bag is often the perfect size plastic bag to cover your cast. Other good options are bread bags or small trash bags. These can be sealed at the top either with some tape or a rubber band. A rubber band allows the bag to be reused, and it is also much gentler on your skin. Be sure to check the bag for holes, and do not try to submerge the cast.

2. Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap can be used to cover a cast, although it must be wrapped tightly. Take special care to ensure a good seal around the top of the cast. This method may leave gaps where water can seep through, but it is an inexpensive and easy method to cover the cast. Using a rubber band at the top of the cast can help ensure the seal will not leak. Again, refrain from submerging the cast in water, as the seal may not be as tight as you hope.

3. Dry Pro Cast Cover

Dry Pro is a company that makes a sleeve to cover your cast. The sleeve includes a pump that sucks the air out from under the cover, forming a tight seal against the arm or leg. Dry Pro cast covers come in different sizes, and seem to work very well. They are much more durable than other options, and therefore unlikely to tear. These will stay dry when completely submerged underwater.
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4. Waterproof Cast Material

waterproof cast
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Some cast materials are made to withstand getting wet.  While these don't make the cast truly waterproof, they are able to withstand getting wet, without causing damage to the cast.  These waterproof materials work well for kids, especially in the summer months.


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