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Donovan McNabb - Sports Hernia


Updated April 04, 2006

The Player:

Donovan McNabb is a professional football player currently playing with the Philadelphia Eagles. McNabb was born 11/25/1976. He played college football at Syracuse University and currently is the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Injury:

McNabb played the 2005 with the problem of groin pain due to a sports hernia. A sports hernia is a weakening of the muscles of the abdominal wall. This injury is similar to the more commonly understood inguinal hernia--where the abdomen protrudes through a weakening in the abdominal wall. However, in a sports hernia, the pouching does not form, but the weakening in the abdominal wall causes pain.

The Surgery:

McNabb underwent season-ending surgery in November 2005 after exacerbating his sports hernia while being tackled in a game against the Dallas Cowboys. The surgery for a sports hernia reinforces the weakened area of the abdominal wall, relieving the pain associated with this condition.
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