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Frankie Hejduk - ACL Tear


Updated October 08, 2009

The Player:

Frankie Hejduk is a player in the MLS league for the Columbus Crew, and a two time member of the US World Cup Soccer team. Hejduk has earned 72 caps and has 5 goals in international competition.

The Injury:

Hejduk was injured on 4/29/2006 in a game between his Columbus Crew against Kansas City. Hejduk injured his anterior cruciate ligament, an important ligament that helps to stabilize the knee. Hejduk was able to complete the game, but persistent problems led to a MRI, and a subsequent diagnosis of an ACL tear.

The Surgery:

ACL tears do not necessarily require surgical treatment. However, certain sports are difficult to play without a functioning ACL, including soccer. Because these sports require cutting and pivoting motions, an ACL reconstruction surgery is necessary. This surgery removes the torn ACL, and replaces it with another tendon or ligament.
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