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Help With Bad Ankle Injuries

Rehab device for tough ankle sprains


Updated October 26, 2009

Often used in yoga and for sport training, a wobble board (also called a balance board) can be an excellent tool for rehabilitation from a bad ankle sprain.

How does a wobble board help?

Wobble boards work to rehab an injured ankle in several ways:
  • Improves range of motion
    Injured ankles tend to become stiff ankles--a problem that can potentially lead to re-injury. A wobble board will work your ankle to move in all motions and help keep the joint mobile.

  • Improves ankle strength
    After an ankle injury, the muscles that surround the ankle become weak. This can lead to chronic ankle pain and potentially to re-injury of the joint.

  • Improves proprioception
    Proprioception is the ability of your body to provide feedback to the brain. After an ankle sprain, the proprioception of the joint can be damaged, leading to problems controlling ankle movements. The balance board can help 're-train' the ankle joint.
Most ankle sprains get better quite quickly, but if you're having trouble, consider using a wobble board to help rehab the joint.
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