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Thumb Splints for Thumb Arthritis

What type of splint is best for thumb arthritis?


Updated May 28, 2014

One of the simplest ways to treat thumb arthritis is to try a splint. Wear a splint when the thumb is sore, or if doing lots of activity such as housework, gardening, etc. A splint can rest the arthritic joint, and relieve the inflammation associated with thumb arthritis.

There are two types of splints that can be purchased for treatment of thumb arthritis. The thumb abduction splint is the simplest brace to use for this purpose, but in patients with more severe symptoms, a more significant brace may be needed. In these patients, a thumb spica brace is appropriate. The thumb spica brace is more supportive to the thumb, but more awkward to use in your daily activities.

Thumb Splint Recommendations

I recommend patients try a thumb abduction splint first. This is not a cumbersome splint, and can easily be worn while doing most activities. To find a thumb splint to wear, select the following: For more treatment ideas, read all about thumb arthritis...
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