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Information About Hand & Wrist Fractures

Fractures are common injuries to the hand and wrist. Most people will sustain a broken bone of their hand or wrist at some point in their life. Find more information about hand and wrist fractures.

Vitamin C and Wrist Fractures
Recent studies have investigated the effect of taking vitamin C after sustaining a wrist fracture. Some of these studies have found that the chance of developing a specific condition of chronic pain, abbreviated CRPS, is lower in patients who have taken high doses of vitamin C after sustaining a broken wrist.

Does A Ulnar Styloid Fracture Require Treatment?
Ulnar styloid fracture is an injury commonly seen in association with fractures of the wrist. Most wrist fractures occur through the radius bone, and more than half of all distal radius fractures occur along with an ulnar styloid fracture. Does a ulnar styloid fracture require treatment?

Bennett's Fracture of the Thumb
A Bennett fracture is a specific injury that occurs at the base of the thumb. A Bennett's fracture also involves the joint between the thumb and the wrist bones. Patients who sustain a Bennett fracture may need surgery to realign the bones and stabilize the joint.

Hand Fractures
Hand fractures are common injuries that can occur in any of the small bones of the hand. Most broken bones in the hand can be treated with a simple cast, however in some cases hand fractures may require surgery for proper treatment.

Wrist Fracture
A wrist fracture is a common orthopedic injury. Patients who sustain a broken wrist may be treated in a cast, or they may need surgery for the fracture.

Scaphoid (Navicular) Fracture
A navicular fracture is caused by a fall or a direct blow to the wrist. This bone has an unusual blood supply which can cause healing problems.

Galeazzi Fracture
A Galeazzi fracture is a variant of an radius fracture of the forearm. In addition to the fracture of the radius, these patients also have an injury of the distal radio-ulnar joint of the wrist. Treatment of a Galeazzi fracture is with surgery to repair the radius fracture.

Boxer's Fracture
This fracture of the base of the small finger is commonly sustained by punching a wall or boxing without gloves.

Colles' Fracture
A Colles' fracture is a particular type of wrist fracture. This particular fracture type is quite common and is usually treated in a cast.

Finger Fractures
A broken finger is a common injury that can have serious consequences. Finger fractures require appropriate treatment to ensure that function of the hands and fingers is not limited after healing. Determining the appropriate treatment of a finger fracture requires evaluation by a medical provider familiar with different types of finger fractures.

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