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Information About Herniated Discs

Information about disc herniation or 'herniated nucleus pulposis' (HNP). The intervertebral disc is the shock absorber of the spine and is commonly injured causing pain and nerve symptoms.

Herniated Disc
A ruptured disc is a common problem that leads to back pain and spinal nerve root irritation. Treatment of back and leg pain caused by a ruptured disc may include therapy, steroid injections, anti-inflammatory medications, or surgery.

Discectomy & Endoscopic Miscrodiscectomy
A discectomy is performed to remove a fragment of herniated disc from the spinal canal. A herniated disc can cause pressure on the spinal nerves, the discectomy relieves that pressure. Endoscopic microdiscectomy is a similar procedure done through small incisions.

Disc Bulge
A disc bulge is a word used to describe a finding seen on MRI of the spine. The disc bulge occurs when the cushion between the vertebrae pushes outwards towards the spinal cord or the spinal nerves.

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