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Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery

Find information about hip and knee replacement surgery. Hip replacement and knee replacement are surgical options for the treatment of severe arthritis.
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Incision Size - Do You Care About the Size of Your Surgical Incision
Performing surgery through a smaller incision has become more and more popular. As demand for improved smaller scar size has grown, the number of procedures being offered through 'minimally invasive' techniques has also grown. Do you care about the size of your scar? Would you prefer small incision surgery?

What Is Computer-Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery?
A recent advance in joint replacement surgery is the use of computer-assisted joint replacement. During a computer assisted joint replacement surgery, electronic probes are placed along the limb to ensure the implanted joint is properly posistion in the body.

Choose A Surgeon
Choosing who is going to perform you surgery is one of the most important decisions you can make. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right doctor.

Preparing For Joint Replacement Surgery
Prepare yourself for joint replacement surgery by understanding what you have ahead. There are steps to take before knee replacement or hip replacement that will help you achieve good results from your surgery.

Planning For Your Return Home From Joint Replacement Surgery
Having joint replacement surgery takes a lot of planning, but patients often forget about planning for their return home. After joint replacement surgery, including hip replacement or knee replacement, you may need some extra help around the house. Planning ahead can take the anxiety out of returning home from joint replacement surgery.

Are surgeries done through small incisions better?
Over the past decade, one of the most significant advances in orthopedic surgery is the advent of techniques used to minimize the size of incisions and the amount of tissue dissection. Two of the most common types of surgeries that minimize incision size are arthroscopic procedures and minimally invasive joint replacement surgery.

Do I need antibiotics for dental work after a joint replacement?
Avoiding infections of implanted joint replacements, such as hip replacements and knee replacements, is critically important. If a joint replacement becomes infected, it may be necessary to remove the implanted joint. When patients with a joint replacement have dental work, antibiotics may be given to prevent an infection.

Blood Donation Before Surgery
Blood transfusions are sometimes required after surgery. Most blood transfusions come from donated blood, but some patients choose to donate their own blood preoperatively. Learn about preoperative blood donation and if it may be appropriate for you.

How long do blood thinning medications need to be taken after joint replacement?
After joint replacement surgery, doctors prescribe a blood thinning medication to help prevent the risk of a blood clot. While there are guidelines for how long to take blood thinning medicaitons, the exact time may deend on your individual situation.

Can blood be collected and reinfused after surgery?
Blood collected from a surgical drain can be reinfused into the patient. This is an option for patients who have significant blood loss or do not want a transfusion of donor blood.

Packing List
Do you know what to take to the hospital and what to leave behind? Here is a helpful list to ensure you show up to surgery with everything you'll need.

Sex After Joint Replacement Surgery
Arthritis can have a significant impact on your sex life, and joint replacement is often a way to improve sex for people with severe arthritis.

Best Anesthesia for Joint Replacement Surgery
One of the most significant concerns for people having joint replacement surgery is the type of anesthesia that will be used. There is some evidence to show that some types of anesthesia are better and have lower risk for joint replacement surgery.

Danger in Delaying Joint Replacement Surgery?
Is it safe to postpone joint replacement surgery? Learn about some of the possible concerns about delaying hip and knee replacement surgery.

Treatment of Joint Replacement Infections
Infections of joint replacements, including hip and knee replacements, require aggressive treatment. Most infections can be cured when treated.

Robotic Joint Surgery
Robotic surgery is gaining interest, and there have been some early investigations of the use of robots in joint replacement surgery.

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