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Hip & Knee Treatments

Learn about the treatment of hip and knee conditions. Treatments include both nonoperative and operative procedures to treat hip and knee injuries.
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Is Physical Therapy Necessary After Hip Replacement?
Physical therapy is often part of the rehabilitation from surgical procedures. However, some surgeons believe physical therapy is unnecessary after hip replacements. Is physical therapy after hip replacement surgery necessary?

CPM - Continuous Passive Motion
A CPM is an abbreviation for continuous passive motion. A CPM device is a machine that moves a joint without the patient exerting effort. CPM is most commonly used for the knee joint, and usually after surgery such as a knee replacement surgery.

Rehabilitation For the Knee
Knee pain is a common orthopedic problem, and often some simple exercises can help with a sore knee. In some patients, surgery may be necessary to help their knee condition, and in these patients, post-surgical rehab will be an important part of their treatment.

Ice and Heat Application
Ice or Heat, that is the question.... Some injuries need ice, others need heat. Which is appropriate for your condition? Learn about ice and heat treatments and which you should use.

Knee Braces
Knee braces are used in the treatment and prevention of many common knee injuries. A knee brace is designed to control knee motion. The knee brace either substitutes the function of a normal knee ligament, or helps to protect a knee ligament.

Treatment Options for Cartilage Damage
Cartilage defects of the knee joint may require surgical treatment to relieve pain and swelling. Treatment options for a cartilage defect include microfracture, cartilage transfer and cartilage implantation.

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