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Stiffness & Grinding


Updated: September 14, 2007

hip osteoarthritis

Hip Arthritis: The pelvis bone and thigh bone connect at the hip joint.

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Hip stiffness and grinding are most often symptoms of hip arthritis. Hip arthritis leads to wearing away of the normal smooth cartilage within the hip joint. As the cartilage thins, bone can grind against bone. Bone spurs may form around the joint leading to limitations in normal motion. This is often experienced by patients as:

    • Difficulty lying down flat with the legs extended
    • Inability to bend over to pick something off the floor
    • Difficulty reaching to put on socks and shoes
Stiffness can also be experienced by patients who have childhood conditions that cause an abnormally shaped hip joint. These conditions begin with a abnormally shaped joint, and often develop into early hip arthritis. These conditions include:
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