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Injections for Arthritis

Learn about different injections given for the treatment of arthritis. Common injections include cortisone shots, and viscosupplementation.

Cortisone Injection
Cortisone injections (steroid shots) may help decrease inflammation and reduce pain within a joint. These are safe procedures that may be done in the doctor's office.

Synvisc may be effective against pain in some patients with osteoarthritis of the knees and may delay the need for replacement surgery.

Side-Effects of Cortisone
Cortisone injections are often used to treat orthopedic problems. By decreasing inflammation, a cortisone injection can be a powerful treatment for many conditions. Many people are concerned about cortisone injections and wonder about the side effects of this treatment.

How many cortisone injections can I have?
Cortisone injections are commonly used in treatment of orthopedic conditions. Cortisone injections help to limit inflammation and can cause a decrease in pain. Is there a limit to the number of cortisone injections a patient can have?

How long does it take a cortisone injection to take effect?
How long after being given a cortisone injection does it take the medication to take effect? A cortisone injection, also called a steroid shot, is commonly used in orthopedics in the treatment of many conditions. Pain relief from a cortisone injection ususally takes a few days to a few weeks.

Epidural Steroid Injections
Epidural steroid injections are an option for the treatment of back pain and inflammation around the spinal nerves. An epidural steroid injection is performed using an x-ray to guide the medication to the area adjacent to the inflamed spinal nerve.

Synvisc Review
Synvisc is an injectible treatment for arthritis of the knee. The substance in the Synvisc injection is the same lubricant found in normal knee joint fluid. Synvisc injections may be helpful in some patients with knee arthritis.

Side-Effects of Cortisone Shots - Your Experience With a Cort…
Side-effects of cortisone injections are not uncommon, and many patients are unsure if their experience is normal. Did your doctor warn you about possible side-effects of a cortisone injection? Would you have had a cortisone shot if you knew about these side-effects?

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