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Joint Replacement Surgery

When arthritis becomes severe, joint replacement surgery may be an option. Hip and knee replacements are the most common types of joint replacements, but joint replacements are also performed in the shoulder, ankle, spine, elbow, wrist and fingers.
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Ankle Replacement Surgery
Replacement surgery is a more controversial treatment for ankle arthritis. The success of fusion surgery is under debate, and there is not too much experience with replacement surgery for ankle arthritis.

Lumbar Disc Replacement
Lumbar disc replacement surgery is atreatment optionfor some types of low back pain. Not yet approved in the United States, lumbar disc replacement research is most active in Europe.

10 Ways to Improve Your Life With Arthritis
People living with arthritis are often dismayed by how much the disease steals from their lives. What modifications can you make to your lifestyle to make living with arthritis easier? What actions can you take to gain and maintain control over the limitations imposed by arthritis?

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