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Knee Examination Tests

Your doctor may perform maneuvers and tests to examine for specific knee conditions. Learn about these tests that your doctor may perform and what they are testing for.

Examination of the Knee
Examining the knee is a critical part to determining the cause of knee pain. Learn about some of the tests your doctor will perform to determine the cause of your knee pain.

Posterior Drawer Test
If you have a PCL tear, you may need a knee pain examination. The posterior drawer test is the best test to diagnose a PCL tear. The test places stress on the PCL. Knees with a damaged PCL may have more translation, and a less firm endpoint with a posterior drawer test.

The Q-angle of the knee is the angle formed at the center of the kneecap. To measure the Q-angle, a line is drawn from the anterior superior iliac spine of the pelvis to the center of the kneecap, and then from the kneecap to the tibial tubercle. An increase in Q-angle is thought to be important in identifying patients at risk for kneecap problems.

Lachman Test
The Lachman test is the best test to diagnose an ACL tear. The test places stress on the ACL. Knees with a damaged ACL may have more translation, and a less firm endpoint with a Lachman Test.

McMurray Test
A McMurray test is performed with the patient lying flat and the examiner bending the knee. A click is felt over the meniscus tear as the knee is brought from full flexion to 90 degrees of flexion.

Straight Leg Raise Test
A straight leg raise test is done by having the patient lie flat on a bed. With the leg straight, the patient should then raise their foot off the bed and hold it in the air. A disruption of the quadriceps tendon, patella, or patellar tendon can lead to inability to perform a straight leg raise.

Ege's Test
Ege's test is a physical examination maneuver used to detect a meniscus tear. When used with other standard tests for a meniscus tear, Ege's test can help to increase the accuracy of diagnosis.

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