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Information About Meniscus Injuries

A meniscus injury, also called a cartilage tear, is a common knee problem. Find information about menisucs injuries and cartilage tears, and possible treatment options.

Meniscus Tear Treatment
A meniscus tear, also called a torn cartilage, is common knee injury. When a meniscus tear is present, the torn cartilage may interfere with normal function of the knee joint. Surgical procedures such as a meniscectomy or meniscus repair are treatment options for a torn meniscus.

How Is a Meniscus Tear Different From a Cartilage Tear?
Doctors and patients often use the words 'meniscus tear' and 'cartilage tear' interchangeably. But do these words mean the same thing? A meniscus tear refers to a specific type of cartilage injury of the knee.

Meniscus Tears & Treatment
Meniscal injuries, or cartilage tears, are a common orthopedic problem. This article covers meniscus tears and possible treatments.

Meniscus Repair
Meniscus repair is a treatment option for cartilage tears in the knee joint. This surgery is more extensive than removing the damaged cartilage, but may offer better long-term results.

Meniscus Transplant
A meniscus transplant is a procedure that replaces the wedge shaped cartilage of the knee joint. The meniscus transplant procedure uses donor tissue to replace tissue that was removed at a prior surgery.

Meniscal Cysts
A meniscal cyst is a collection of joint fluid outside of the knee joint. The joint fluid escapes, usually through a tear of the meniscus and forms the meniscal cyst. Treatment of a meniscal cysts depends on the extent of symptoms.

Discoid Meniscus
A discoid meniscus is a problem related to an abnormally shaped lateral meniscus within the knee joint. Treatment of a discoid meniscus depends on the extent of symptoms. Patients without significant symptoms do not require treatment. Patients with tears of a discoid meniscus may require arthroscopic surgery.

Can I watch my arthroscopic surgery?
Many patients want to know if they can watch their arthroscopic procedure. When I am performing arthroscopic knee surgery, I enjoy having patients watch the procedure on the television monitor. I think it helps a patient better understand the problem, and therefore it often helps the patient with their rehabilitation. Not all arthroscopic...

Ege's Test
Ege's test is a physical examination maneuver used to detect a meniscus tear. When used with other standard tests for a meniscus tear, Ege's test can help to increase the accuracy of diagnosis.

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