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Mini-Hip Replacement

Mini-hip replacement is a new procedure used to accomplish a hip replacement. Mini-hip replacement uses two small incisions and less surgical dissection.

Anterior Hip Replacement
Minimally invasive anterior approach hip replacement surgery is a treatment option for severe hip arthritis. Anterior hip replacement is a technique of performing this surgery while not disrupting normal muscle in order to get to the joint. The benefits of anterior hip replacement may be a shorter recovery, although this has not been proven.

Mini Hip Replacement Surgery
A new technique in orthopedics is called a minimally invasive hip replacement. This 'mini hip replacement' uses two small incisions, and x-ray to guide the prosthesis into proper position. Some surgeons feel the mini hip replacements are inferior to standard hip replacements.

Studies Question Advantages of Two-Incision Hip Replacement
Two new studies presented at the most recent meeting of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons question if this new technique is as good as a traditional hip replacement.

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