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Information About Causes of Neck Pain

Information and resources about the subject of neck pain. The cause of neck pain may be muscle strain or whiplash, or it may be a problem with the nerves or bones of the cervical spine. Treatment of neck pain must be directed at the underlying problem.

Whiplash - Neck Strain
A strain of the neck, or the muscles around the cervical spine is often called whiplash. This neck muscle strain injury occurs when there is a sudden extension and flexion of the neck.

Cervical Traction
There are a number of medical uses for traction, which include the mobilization of soft tissues or joints, decompression of pinched nerve roots, and treatment of herniated intervertebral disks.

Cervical Spine Problems
Your neck is part of a long flexible column extending through most of your body often referred to as the spinal column, or backbone.

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