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Information About Orthopedic Conditions & Syndromes

Learn about many common orthopedic conditions ranging from gout to osteoporosis. These conditions all have characteristic symptoms and require specific treatment. My knowing more about your condition, your treatment can be more effective.
  1. Bone Infections (7)
  2. Gout (11)
  3. Osteonecrosis (5)
  4. Osteoporosis (26)
  5. Paget's Disease of Bone (2)
  6. Tumors & Cancer (12)

Orthopedic Conditions Seen During Pregnancy
Certain orthopedic conditions are commonly seen in pregnant women. Learn about these conditions seen during pregnancy and what you can do for treatment of these conditions.

Top 5 Preventable Orthopedic Injuries
Many people think of orthopedic injuries only after a problem has occurred. However, if you really want to avoid the problems associated with an orthopedic injury, try to put your efforts in preventing the problem altogether.

Myositis Ossificans
Myositis ossificans is a condition that causes abnormal bone formation within deep muscle tissue. Myositis ossificans generally occurs in athletes who sustain an injury to the muscle. Treatment of myositis ossificans generally involves observation, and symptoms usually resolve with time.

Compartment Syndrome
Compartment syndrome is an emergency that occurs when pressure builds up around muscle and nerve, potentially causing permanent damage.

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