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Finding The Cause of Your Symptoms


Have a new pain? Or perhaps a popping or clicking sensation? In order for your problem to be properly treated, the cause of your symptoms must first be determined. Here, get started finding out what's to blame for your aches.
  1. Knee
  2. Hip
  3. Shoulder
  1. Hand & Wrist
  2. Foot & Ankle
  3. Back


The knee joint is prone to problems because it is an area of the body we constantly use, and cannot easily rest. Common knee problems include pain, swelling, popping, grinding, and giving-out. Learn about the cause of these symptoms.


Hip pain is also problematic because of the constant use of the hips with most any activity. Hip problems can be especially difficult to diagnose because they can be confused with problems coming from the low back (lumbar spine).


Shoulder pain is a frequent complaint, especially for those participating in activities that involve reaching or throwing. Patients with shoulder problems often have difficulty sleeping at night because of symptoms in the affected shoulder.

Hand & Wrist

Hand and wrist problems are cumbersome and interfere with many activities and workplace obligations. Having a hand or wrist problem can be uncomfortable and may prevent you from accomplishing certain activities.

Foot & Ankle

Foot and ankle problems can be bothersome every step you take. Often simple treatments are very effective at treating foot and ankle pain, but you have to know the cause of your symptoms before finding the proper treatment.


Back pain is a universal problem -- just about everyone experiencing an episode of severe back pain at least once in their life. Learn more about the causes of back pain symptoms and what these symptoms may mean for you.

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