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Pediatric Fractures - Broken Bones in Children

Fractures are common in children. Because of growth plates, and growing bones, it is important that broken bones in kids are treated properly. Find information about fractures in children and what treatments are recommended.

An epiphyseodesis is a surgical procedure performed to attempt to close a growth plate before it closes on its own. An epiphyseodesis is usually performed on a healthy growth plate when the other limb has a damaged growth plate that has closed too soon.

Pediatric Femur Fractures
Femur fractures occur when there is an injury to the thigh bone. A femur fracture is not an uncommon type of broken bone in a child. The treatment of pediatric femur fractures depends on the age of the child.

Toddler's Fracture
A toddler's fracture is a broken bone in a young child. Most often referring to a fracture of the tibia (shin bone), a toddler's fracture can be difficult to see on x-ray. Treatment is usually accomplished with a cast.

Nursemaid's Elbow
A nursemaid's elbow is an injury to the elbow joint of a young child. When a child sustains a nursemaid's elbow injury, the radial head subluxes, or slides out, from the joint. Common symptoms of a nursemaid's elbow in a child include pain and inability to bend the elbow.

Elbow Fractures in Children
Elbow fractures are common childhood injuries. Children who injure their elbow should be evaluated by a doctor to assess for an elbow fracture. Because of the growth plates around the joint, it is important that elbow fractures are properly treated.

Children's Fractures
Fractures are an extremely common injury sustained by children--in fact it is probably the most common reason for a child to visit an orthopedic surgeon.

Types of Growth Plate Fractures
Information about Salter-Harris Fracture classification - growth plate fractures in children. Learn about the classification of growth plate fractures.

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