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Information About Pediatric Hip Injuries

There are a handful of hip problems in children that are serious, yet treatable, conditions. These can cause painful hips and limping in children.

Hip Exam of Newborn Baby
A hip click is a finding on the examination of a newborn baby. Infants are examined by their doctor for a hip click to investigate for malformations of the hip joint. Babies who have a hip click may have hip dysplasia.

Hip Joint Infection
A septic hip is the word used to describe a bacterial infection within the hip joint. Infections of the joint are serious as they can permanently damage the cartilage of the hip joint. Therefore, children with a septic hip usually require surgery for treatment of the infection.

Transient Hip Synovitis
Hip synovitis is a common condition that causes hip pain in children. Hip synovitis is concerning because its symptoms are similar to an infection in the hip joint. Hip synovitis and infections must be carefully differentiated.

Hip Dysplasia
Hip dysplasia is a word used to decribe several different developmental problems of the hip joint that occur during pregnancy and infancy. Children with hip dysplasia have an abnormal hip joint and may require treatment to correct this problem.

Legg-Calve-Perthes’ Disease
Perthes' disease is characterized by loss of circulation to the head of the femur in a growing child.

Pavlik Harness
A Pavlik harness is used in the treatment of hip dysplasia. A Pavlik harness is used to hold the hips in proper position. Proper use of a Pavlik harness is important for effective treatment.

Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis
This disorder, SCFE, is seen in adolescents; the femoral head moves (through the growth plate) relative to the rest of the femur.

Limping Child
A limp of a young child can be a serious problem, or it may resolve with rest. It is important to have a limping child seen by your doctor.

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