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How To Wear A Backpack


Updated August 14, 2007

How To Wear A Backpack
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Backpacks are an easy way for children and teenagers to carry their books and school supplies. The purpose of a backpack is to evenly distribute the weight of these items to the large muscles that support our bodies.

If backpacks are too heavily loaded or improperly worn, they can cause problems and even lead to injuries. Learn a few basic steps to keep in mind when selecting and wearing a backpack.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: a few minutes

Here's How:

  1. Choose the right backpack.
    Some features to keep in mind include a well-padded back and well-padded shoulder straps. Consider a backpack with a waist strap if carrying heavy loads.

  2. Wear the pack properly.
    No matter how nice the pack is, if it's not worn properly it will not work properly. Use both shoulder straps, and a waist strap if it is heavy. The backpack should keep the weight held close to the body.

  3. Load the backpack properly.
    Organize the backpack so that the items inside are neatly organized, will not shift around, and can rest comfortably against your back. If items inside are not needed, leave them at home or store in a school locker.

  4. Keep your back strong and lift properly.
    Keeping physically fit and learning the proper way to lift will help you avoid back injuries. Learn a few simple steps to help you lift these heavy loads properly.

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