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Treatment of almost any orthopedic condition necessitates some form of physical therapy or rehabilitation. Some rehab is done on your own, other times with a physical therapist. Information about physical therapy, and how to rehab your injury.
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Proprioceptive Exercises
Proprioception is the sense of knowing where a body part is in space. Proprioceptive exercises teach your body to control the position of an injured joint.

Best Stretches for Office Workers
One way to keep your body healthy is to stretch those office muscles - the ones that are chronically tight - to keep you flexible and reduce your stress. Check out the Best Stretches for Office Workers for ideas on how to stretch at work, from About.com Exercise Guide Paige Waehner.

How Can Physical Therapy Help Me?
Physical therapy is an important aspect of treatment of almost all orthopedic conditions. Physical therapists use different modalities to increase strength, regain mobility, and help return patients to their pre-injury level of activity.

How to Stretch Out Properly
Stretching out before exercising is an important, and often neglected step in your workout. A good routine should be established, and following the suggestions below will help you on your way.

Walking Aids
Walking aids are helpful for patients who have chronic problems including hip and knee arthritis, as well as patients who have acute injuries, including ankle sprains and leg fractures. Finding the right type of walking aid will help you along the way.

Ice an Injury
Icing an injured body part is an important part of the acute treatment process. Learn how to properly ice your injury.

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