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Internal Impingement Shoulder


Updated May 30, 2014

Definition: Internal impingement is a specific type of shoulder injury that is seen primarily in throwing athletes. Internal impingement consists of injury to the following structures:
  • The posterior labrum
    The labrum in the posterior-superior region of the shoulder is often frayed or partially torn. In more severe cases, the tear can extend up towards the attachment of the biceps tendon, a so-called SLAP tear.

  • The rotator cuff
    The rotator cuff is partially torn on its undersurface. The type of tear is called a partial thickness rotator cuff tear--not a complete tear of the rotator cuff.
The problem is caused from pinching of the tuberosity (top of the humerus) against the labrum. Patients with internal impingement characteristically lack internal rotation--the ability to fully rotate the shoulder inward.
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