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Shoulder & Elbow Treatments

Learn about the treatment of shoulder and elbow conditions. Treatments include both nonoperative and operative procedures to treat shoulder and elbow injuries.
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Rehab For A Shoulder Injury
After shoulder injuries and shoulder surgery, some simple exercises can help you make a full recovery. Learn a few shoulder stretches and exercises that you can perform for a shoulder injury.

Cortisone Injections
With a careful assessment of the benefits, cortisone is a very useful and effective tool in any orthopaedic practice. Cortisone injections are used to treat inflammation caused by many common orthopedic problems.

Exercise For An Injured Shoulder
The best way to recover from minor injuries and chronic problems is often the simplest: exercise. This guide presents good diagrams of some easy exercises you can do at home.

Ice and Heat Application
Ice or Heat, that is the question.... Some injuries need ice, others need heat. Which is appropriate for your condition? Learn about ice and heat treatments and which you should use.

Shoulder Dislocation Treatment
Determining the best treatment for a shoulder dislocation depends on a number of different factors. Learn about the treatment options for a dislocated shoulder.

Shoulder Scope Complications
Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is safe, but complications can occur. Here are five of the most common and concerning problems that can occur.

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