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Information About Sports Injuries

A sports injury is a common problem for all types of athletes. Orthopedic surgeons specialize in the treatment of athletes and active people. A sports injury is a setback for any athlete, but with treatment and rehab, you will be back in action soon.
  1. Arthroscopy (7)
  2. Bursitis (6)
  3. Footwear (7)
  4. Knee Ligament Injuries
  5. Overuse Injuries (13)
  6. Rotator Cuff Tears
  7. Tendonitis (11)

MRSA Infections in Athletes
MRSA skin infections can be a problem in athletes. Particularly in contact sports, simple injuries can turn into complicated infections if not managed appropriately.

Acute Injury
An acute injury is a problem that occurs following a single event. Acute refers to the immediate time period following these injuries. Often doctors refer to the fist 48 to 72 hours following an injury as the acute setting.

Sports Hernia
A sports hernia is an injury seen in athletes in a variety of sports. The sports hernia occurs when there is a weakening of the muscles of the abdominal wall. Treatment of a sports hernia may require surgery if the symptoms do not resolve with conservative treatments.

Concussions are caused by a blow to the head; this injury causes some level of impairment of brain functions. Symptoms of a concussion may include confusion, short term memory problems, and loss of consciousness.

Do I Need An MRI?
Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, has become a commonly utilized diagnostic tool in medicine and orthopedics. Many orthopedic conditions can be diagnosed with MRI. But sometimes your doctor doesn't order an MRI. Do you need an MRI?

Leg Cramp - Charley Horse
Leg cramps are uncontrolled, painful muscle spasms, usually in the calf or hamstring muscles. Learn about leg cramps and what you can do for both treatment and prevention.

Football Injuries
Football injuries are a common problem because of the nature of the sport. Prompt treatment of football injuries is important to ensure the athlete is able to return to play as soon as possible.

Injuries In Runners
Injuries among runners are a common problem that can cause pain an limit activity. These runners are keen to get back on their feet--learn about the injuries that occur and what you can do for treatment.

Pectoralis Major Muscle Rupture
The pectoralis major muscle (commonly called the 'pec') is the muscle on the front of the chest. The pectoralis major muscle can rupture in activities such as bench press maneuvers, and when a patient sustains a pec rupture, surgical repair may be needed.

Muscle of An Olympian
What separates Olympic athletes from the rest of us? We know that muscle composition varies between individuals, but can we train ourselves to have more fast-twitch or more slow-twitch muscle.

How to Treat Concussions
Concussions are serious injuries that require professional treatment. Knowing the signs of a concussion and the basics of treatment can help everyone who works with injured athletes.

Heat Illness in Athletes
Heat illness is the result of elevated core body temperature. Untreated, heat illness can be potentially fatal. Knowing the early signs of heat stroke can help prevent catastrophe.

Myositis Ossificans
Myositis ossificans is a condition that causes abnormal bone formation within deep muscle tissue. Myositis ossificans generally occurs in athletes who sustain an injury to the muscle. Treatment of myositis ossificans generally involves observation, and symptoms usually resolve with time.

Muscle Bruise - Soft-Tissue Contusion
Muscle contusions are injuries to muscle tissue caused by a blow to the soft-tissue. These injuries are commonly seen in contact sports.

Preventing Youth Sports Injuries
Injuries can be avoided, and the Safe Kids organization is working to inform the public about how to avoid sports injuries in young athletes.

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