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Before You Buy Running Shoes


Updated September 22, 2004

Any athlete knows the importance of finding the right shoes. With so many running shoes available to consumers it can be confusing to know exactly what to look for when researching shoes.

Less Expensive Running Shoes

Wouldn't it be nice to buy a shoe that will last a few hundred miles of running, and does not cost a fortune. Good running shoes do not need to be expensive. Good running shoes fit well. Here are some lower cost (usually under $80) suggestions.

Motion Control Shoes

The most common specialty shoe is designed for runners with foot motion abnormalities that lead to pain. While pronation and supination carry bad connotations (many people blame their foot pain on these words), they are actually very normal, and necessary, foot motions. However, when the movement is excessive, or if your shoe lacks adequate control, overpronation can be a problem.

Trail Shoes

Trail shoes are designed for runners who participate more exclusively in off-road activities. These shoes may carry some extra bulk, but are made for more demanding conditions. These will have better traction on uneven and unpredictable terrain. The best trail shoes also provide excellent support needed for the unpredictable environment.

Extra Distance/Durability Shoes

Not truly a different type of shoe, these are simply shoes that are designed to take a beating. If you are a regular runner who logs high mileage, then these shoes should provide you with outstanding support and cushion while lasting longer than other comparable models.
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