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Top 2 Bunion Friendly Running Shoes


Updated June 15, 2014

Patients with bunions often have difficulty finding footwear that fits well, but does not cause pain over their bunion. Finding the right shoes can be a problem--here are some suggestions I have been given from people who have faced this problem. Consider a shoe that has a roomy feel to the toebox--NOT something you will have to break in. Also, try on some men's shoes--the proportion of the men's toe:heel size ratio is often better suited to women with bunions.

1. Saucony ProGRID Omni

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This is a versitle running shoe that provides good motion control, good stability, comfortable fit, and comes in several widths. I have heard that the Saucony brand is excellent for patients who run and have to cope with bunions. The design of the shoe offers slightly more room in the toe box as well as extra cushioning in this part of the shoe.
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2. New Balance 757

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New balance is a company whos name I have heard mentioned numberous times by patients who have bunions. This too are good quality running shoes, but these give the edge to cushion rather than stability.
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