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Top 5 Durable Running Shoes for High Mileage Runners


Updated June 15, 2007

Running shoes are expensive! It's not uncommon to spend $90 or more on a pair of your favorite footwear. These may last only a matter of months, depending on your mileage, weight, and type of use. Looking for certain characteristics may help you find more for your money. When shopping for durable shoes, look for: carbon rubber outsoles (rather than blown-rubber) and multidensity or polyurethane midsoles.

1. Nike Air Pegasus

Full-length air technology gives you cushioning and comfort that lasts and lasts! Built for high milage runners who seek extra cushioning. Offers a soft & cushioned ride thanks to the full-length Phylon midsole. Carbon rubber outsole gives you exceptionally long-wearing durability.
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2. Asics Gel MC Plus

A solutions for runners who refuse to let excessive overpronation keep them from the sport they love. A stability cradle and extended medial post plus cushioning provide maximum overall support and comfort. Again, EVA midsole throughout the shoe creating a well-balanced, cushioned ride. Full length AHAR outsole for increased durability.
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3. Brooks Beast

Brook's Beast running shoe is designed to compensate for over pronators and runners who are tough on shoes. The outsole is carbon rubber and includes the Brooks HPR Plus in heel strike area for added durability. The uppersole is polyurethane, and the midsole is EVA. A great shoe for motion control and durability.
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4. New Balance 806

New Balance's 806 NV running shoe has a synthetic/mesh upper that provides you with lightweight comfort and support. A solid, well-cushioned sole provides durability. A less expensive option that provides good durability.
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5. Saucony GRID Stabil

Designed for the runner seeking a combination of motion control and cushioning, Saucony's GRID Stabil running shoe features a medial and lateral TPU posts, a midfoot support bridge, and a dual-density, compression-molded midsole. The outsole is a combination of carbon and blown rubber, but includes kevlar reinforcement.
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