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Top 5 Motion Control Running Shoes


Updated June 19, 2009

Motion control shoes are meant for runners who have unusually high degree of pronation or supination (roll) in their foot mechanics. These shoes should provide a strong medial (inside) post, even under high pressure. The shoe is built to control and reduce the roll of your foot. Newer models will do this without bulking up and weighing down the shoe.

1. Asics Gel Foundation

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This running shoe has been given extremely high praise from runners who have problems with pronation and motion control. It is especially popular with runners who have flat arches. Asics has always had excellent cushioning, and this shoe completes the package with excellent motion control. Probably one of the most durable shoes listed.
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2. Brooks Addiction 8

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Brook's Addiction 8 running shoe is designed to compensate for over pronators and runners who are tough on shoes. This shoe offers a unique forefoot and midfoot cushioning system, and is also one of the more durable shoes of the bunch. They use their Linear Platform system to provide wide support for the arch of the foot.
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3. Reebok Road Plus KFS

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The Reebok Road Plus KFS is a stability minded shoe with some cool extra features... Has a reflective outer for good night visibility. Also has a very soft inner lining making these shoes one of the more comfortable fits. Offer their Kinetic Fit System that intends to make the shoe good for motion control without sacrificing flexibility. If you have found other support shoes too stiff, this may be a good option.
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4. Nike Zoom Nucleus

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The Nike Zoom Nucleus is a technical running shoe that appeals to runners with a need for greater motion control and cushioning. There is a arch bridge to provide extra support and an upper mesh to keep your feet cool. The sock liner makes it comfortable to slip on the first time you wear it. At just under 14 ounces, this is probably the most lightweight of the motion control options.
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5. Saucony ProGRID Stabil CS

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Designed for the runner seeking a optimal motion control and cushioning, Saucony's ProGRID Stabil running shoe features a combination of motion control throughout the gait cycle and cushioning.
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