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Hand and Wrist Surgical Procedures

Surgery is a common treatment used for many hand and wrist conditions. Surgery includes everything from arthroscopic procedures to joint replacement surgery.

Wrist Arthroscopy
Arthroscopic surgery is a treatment option for some causes of wrist pain. During a wrist arthroscopy procedure, a small camera is inserted into the joint, and small instruments can be inserted to help repair or remove damaged structures. Wrist arthroscopy may not be an effective treatment for all causes of wrist pain.

Hand Transplants: Should They Be An Option?
Hand transplantation is a controversial subject, as some doctors feel the risks of transplant and immunosuppression should outweigh the possibility of improved function.

Finger Joint Replacement
Finger joint replacement is a surgical procedure to remove the worn-out, damaged, arthritic finger joint, and replace this with an artificial implant. Finger joint replacement is generally reserved for patients who do not find relief with simpler arthritis treatments.

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