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Treatment of orthopedic conditions must account for a variety of factors. Learn about the different modalities used to treat many common orthopedic problems.
  1. Alternative Treatments (6)
  2. Nutrition And Supplements (8)
  3. Pain Treatment (28)
  4. Physical Therapy (12)
  5. Surgical Rehab Protocols (8)

What is the Difference Between Prescribed Steroids and Those Taken By Athletes?
Clear up any confusion about steroids used to gain athletic advantage and steroids used for medical treatment. Learn about the difference between anabolic steroids and corticosteroids.

When Can You Return To Drive After Surgery or Injury Treatment?
One of the most common questions after surgery or treatment of an injury is: When can I drive? The decision on return to driving is based on two criteria. When is it safe that you will not risk re-injury, and when is it safe for you to return to the road and not risk injuring those around you. Returning to drive after surgery or with a cast...

Ice or Heat? Should You Use Ice or Heat On an Injury
Ice or Heat, that is the question.... Some injuries need ice, others need heat. Which is appropriate for your condition? Learn about ice and heat treatments and which you should use.

How to Ice an Injury
Ice Injuries: Icing an injuried body part will help reduce swelling promote healing and speed recovery.

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