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Back & Neck Treatments

Learn about the treatment of back and neck conditions. Treatments include both nonoperative and operative procedures to treat back and neck injuries.
  1. Medications (3)
  2. Rehab & Exercises (3)
  3. Spinal Surgery (8)

Top 15 Natural Remedies for Back Pain
Back pain relief can be difficult to find, and patients need options. One option is to explore alternative and natural remedies. Cathy Wong, About.com Alternative Medicine Guide explores the Top 15 Natural Remedies for Back Pain.

Epidural Steroid Injections
Epidural steroid injections are an option for the treatment of back pain and inflammation around the spinal nerves. An epidural steroid injection is performed using an x-ray to guide the medication to the area adjacent to the inflamed spinal nerve.

Alternative Treatments for Low Back Pain
Back pain treatments can be quite frustrating, and patients often lose interest in traditional treatments. There are alternative medical treatments that can be attempted in the treatment of back pain.

Treatment of Low Back Pain
Low back pain is a common complaint that has many causes. Back pain treatment may include physical therapy, medications, cortisone injections, and sometimes spine surgery.

Treatment of Acute Low Back Pain
A low back strain is a common condition that often occurs suddenly and can be debilitating. Low back strain injury treatment can be accomplished with a few basic steps.

Back Braces for Adolescents with Scoliosis
Brace treatment is commonly used for adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis. Research has demonstrated braces are effective to prevent progression.

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