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Information About Bone Tumors & Orthopedic Cancers

Find information about bone and soft-tissue tumors and orthopedic cancers. Included is information on bone tumores, sarcomas, and benign lumps and bumps.

Sarcoma Alliance
A comprehensive guide to orthopedic oncology; a highly specialized field devoted to the treatment of bone and soft tissue tumors.

Aneurysmal Bone Cyst
A cyst of the bone is an area where the normal structure of the skeleton is replaced by non-cancerous tissue which may contain fluid or other material which is not bone.

Bone Tumors
A listing of different benign and malignant bone tumors and a brief introduction into how they differ clinically.

Chondrosarcoma is a malignant tumor composed of chondroblasts, cells that produce cartilage.

Ewing’s Sarcoma
From the University of Pennsylvania this site will help explain this disease, and has updates on the latest research.

Giant Cell Tumor
Giant cell tumor is a benign, but locally aggressive tumor that can behave like a malignant tumor.

Fibrous Dysplasia
Fibrous dysplasia is a chronic disorder of the skeleton that causes expansion of one or more bones due to abnormal development of fibrous tissue within the bone.

Metastatic Bone Cancer
Bone is the third most common site of metastatic disease. Cancers most likely to metastasize to bone include breast, lung, prostate, thyroid and kidney.

Osteoid Osteoma
Osteoid Osteoma is a benign bone tumor. Bonetumor.org presents information, radiographs, and microscopic vies of this tumor.

General information about osteosarcoma, what this diagnosis means, and how this concer is commonly treated.

Osteosarcoma Facts
Advanced information from bonetumor.org which includes radiographic and microscopic views of osteosarcoma.

Definition of Sarcoma
A sarcoma is a type of cancer. Sarcomas are bone, muscle, cartilage, and fibrous tissue cancers. Sarcomas can spread through the body, most commonly to the lung or liver.

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